Welcome to the KPH Resources page

Our aim at KPH is to provide a grounded environment that encourages clients to make a successful transition into the wider community. 

This requires maintaining a balance between the following factors:

  • clear boundaries around acceptable behaviour
  • active engagement with the client’s needs
  • provision of activities to develop skills, experience and likelihood of positive reintegration within the community. 

At KPH, as well as the key-working, our activities such as the Job Club and workshops for Healthy Living Skills and Tenancy Sustainment help us achieve successful outcomes for a high ratio of residents.  We also work closely with our partner agencies such as London Probation, Job Centre Plus, SHP, or Islington DIP as well as accessing community resources such as Crisis Skylight, World Wide Volunteering or the Prince’s Trust.  We have also appointed a Chaplain to offer spiritual support to our residents.

Woven throughout our practice are the values of the West London Mission, which foster genuine respect and value for each person who resides at KPH.  We seek to start our work with the question ‘how can we help the client?’.  From there, we seek to provide useful ideas and practical information, but we also seek to model respectful communication and value for the potential within each resident with whom we work.

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