Before You Go

The Before You Go campaign's intention is to help prevent economic migrants ending up homeless on the streets of the UK.

The campaign focuses on a short film of true life stories that show the harsh reality of what can happen to those who travel to the UK unprepared and end up on the streets. The stories in the film are wrapped around three core prevention messages for those thinking of travelling to the UK to work:

  1. Have legitimate employment secured
  2. Have legitimate accommodation in place
  3. Have a back up plan (at least £600) in case things go wrong

Mark Prisk MP, Minister of State for Housing said:
"Sadly too many rough sleepers are foreign nationals who arrived in the UK without realistic prospects and as a result ended up with a life on the streets.
"That is something no-one should have to face and The Passage's Before you Go' campaign is about making sure people considering coming to Britain understand the risks if they are unable to support themselves."

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