How the West London Mission is Governed


The “West London Mission” is the name under which the WLM Circuit carries on its charitable social work.

The Circuit is registered as a charity with the Charity Commissioners under number 1133739.

The governing body for all Circuit activities, including the social work of the West London Mission, is the Circuit Meeting. It delegates the management of the social work, within policy and financial limits which it sets, to its Social Work Committee.

One of the Mission's services, the West London Day Centre, is non-residential, and is carried on by the Circuit Meeting in freehold premises of which its members are the managing trustees.

All the other services are residential, and are carried on in premises owned by the West London Mission Housing Association Limited, an associated but legally separate body. At one of those, Katherine Price Hughes House, the Circuit Meeting are managing trustees of a lease from the Housing Association, and carry on the service in that capacity. At each of the others the service is carried on by the Circuit Meeting as agents for the Housing Association under a management agreement.

The ultimate annual cost of WLM's social work services, net of all income from grants, donations, rents and other sources, is met by the general circuit fund of the WLM Circuit.

The professional staff of WLM’s social work services, led by an Executive Director of Social Work, are jointly employed by the Circuit Meeting and the Housing Association.

The West London Mission Housing Association

The West London Mission Housing Association Limited was set up in 1951.

It is a registered charity under number 289929; a registered housing association; and a company limited by guarantee.

Its principal object is to further the charitable work of the Methodist Church, in particular by the provision and management of accommodation for those with special needs.

The Housing Association owns those properties in which residential social work services are provided.


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