The Circuit Meeting and the Social Work Committee

The Circuit Meeting is the governing body of the WLM Circuit.

All the Ministers stationed with the Circuit are members of it, and are ex officio members of all other Circuit committees, including the Social Work Committee.

The Circuit Meeting appoints a number of lay people to be Circuit Stewards, and they also are ex officio members of all Circuit committees. For practical purposes, however, the Ministers and Circuit Stewards take lead roles of particular responsibilities within the life of the Circuit.

The Circuit Meeting has established a Social Work Committee to act on its behalf, to have overall governance of WLM’s professional social work.

Traditionally, the Superintendent Minister has been the Chair of the Social Work Committee; one of the Circuit Stewards is designated as having a particular responsibility for social work matters and is actively involved as a member of the committee. There are a number of other members appointed by the Circuit Meeting. This is set out in Appendix 1 under B. Constitution.

All members of the Social Work Committee are jointly and together responsible for the social work in all its main aspects – services and their standards, policies and procedures, staff, finance, property, etc. This is set out in Appendix 1 under C. Role and D. Powers.

In view of KPH House’s status as “Approved Premises” under criminal justice legislation, a member of the Greater London Probation Board is a member of the Social Work Committee, and a Senior Manager of the Greater London Probation Service is an observer of it. Although invited to all meetings, these people normally only attend when the business of KPH is a significant item.

The Finance Committee of the WLM Circuit has established a sub-committee, the Human Resources Sub-Committee, which deals with personnel, terms and conditions etc. of the WLM Circuit, including that of the Social Work.


The Social Work Committee


There is a meeting of the Committee every month on the third Tuesday of the month. In attendance at every meeting will normally be the Executive Director of Social Work and the Finance and Operations Manager.

Every meeting of the committee includes on its agenda:

  • a report on the progress of on-going issues of strategy and development
  • a report from one of the Link People about each service
  • a report on the financial situation of each service

The Committee is attended by each of the Service Managers (or their substitutes) three times a year and other staff attend meetings as and when they are required.

There is a part of the meeting involving only the voting members and, if required, the Executive Director of Social Work. In this part of the meeting:

  • any individual or personal situations are considered or personnel matters not requiring the convening of the Human Resources Sub-Committee
  • the Executive Director of Social Work and members can have informal discussions or soundings about issues or concerns which do not require formal action or minuting.

The Committee appoints Link Persons usually from its membership and from the churches in the WLM Circuit.

Link Persons are vital to the well-being of WLM’s social work.

  • They provide a link between the Committee and the services.
  • They help ensure the Committee is aware of issues and concerns in and about the running of the services. They help ensure the Committee fulfils its responsibilities for monitoring and quality assurance.
  • They support the staff in their work and help represent WLM to them.
  • They are also a visible presence of WLM to residents, users and clients.
  • They provide a link between the worshipping congregations and the social work carried on in the WLM Circuit.

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