WLM has been empowering positive change in people's lives since 1887.

Through an eye-catching illustration of one of WLM’s premises in London, our new awareness campaign invites people to discover the ways in which we walk alongside people and empower them to discover their potential. We focus on the areas of community, counselling and criminal justice services. The campaign has been curated
by Akiko Design agency, and will be launched during the festive period on WLM’s social media channels. Banner advertising will also run across wlm.org.uk and a range of other websites and publications.

Roger Clark, CEO of WLM said about the campaign: ‘At WLM we believe in a world where everyone should be able to thrive. To achieve this, we co-create safe spaces for people to reach their potential through our community, counselling and criminal justice services. This Christmas we are starting a new chapter in our 135 years history for the people who use our services. My sincere thanks to Akiko Design for capturing the spirit of our future and supporting us once again with our campaign.’

WLM’s spaces are spaces of community and connection. Spaces where people are able to develop and reconnect with their potential, making positive changes in their lives and feeling valued. In our environments, people can choose where they wish to be and progress in their lives with WLM’s services facilitating their journey. WLM’s coaches can unlock new self-perspective for the people that they work with, shape their next steps, and help them explore their strengths.

WLM provides a wide range of community, counselling and criminal justice services in London.

At WLM St Luke’s, people can learn how to save money and manage their own budget, get valuable digital skills, attend online safety workshops and find low-cost housing and space hire options. At WLM Seymour Place we provide coaching and support to people that are affected by rough sleeping or struggling with housing and are in search of permanent accommodation and employment. At WLM Highbury Counselling Centre, people have a safe space to talk about their thoughts and feelings to one of WLM’s professional counsellors through our affordable counselling service. We also provide housing and support to men and women that have served in the British military at WLM Burgess Park House and manage one of the 12 independent approved premises in the country at WLM Katherine Price Hughes, supporting ex-offenders with their transition back to the community.

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