Join our annual 
Sleep Out on Friday 25th October and help us support homeless people off the streets and onto a better chapter in their lives. 

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Can you help us support more street homeless people this year?

Homelessness continues to be a growing problem. In the last year, numbers of rough sleepers in London have increased for the eighth consecutive year by another 18%. WLM Seymour Place offers community and assistance to those who are sleeping rough. We work with people to support them in housing and employment, as well as providing access to health care.

“I knew that the magic was here the moment I walked in ... The project workers were confident that I was going to change my situation. Their confidence in me meant that I had a responsibility myself to get through this period.” J, a client at WLM Seymour Place, now living in private rented accommodation

WLM’s Sleep Out is an opportunity for you to be sponsored by friends, family and colleagues, sleeping out for just one night so that others don’t have to. Hosted in the secure gardens of St James’s Church, Piccadilly, you get to safely experience a few of the challenges that homeless people have to face every night. We are of course not trying to replicate homelessness, but we hope it will help you to understand a little of what homeless people have to endure without our support.

"It was an eye opening experience and it was a small step in understanding what these people have to endure day in day out." Sleep Out Participant, 2018

Our homeless clients at WLM Seymour Place have access to:

  • An initial assessment by one of our Project Workers through a one-to-one interview
  • NHS Homeless Health Team (we have a nurse on-site every day, and a podiatrist once a week)
  • Mental health services, opticians and drugs and alcohol support
  • Assistance with our Advice Service team to help them move into accommodation
  • Assistance with our Advice Service team to help people gain employment and training.
  • Resettlement support, and post-settlement care
  • Referrals to partner agencies for immigration and reconnection support.

St James’s Church is one of the venues, alongside twelve other churches of various denominations, a synagogue, and a mosque, in our WLM Night Shelter. This provides emergency accommodation for 15 rough sleepers in Westminster every night during the coldest months of the year. In 2018/19, we provided 84 rough sleepers with accommodation between October and May, 61 were moved into longer-term housing, and our team at Seymour Place helped 22 of our guests to get jobs or sustain their employment.

"The sense of community felt at the Sleep Out matches WLM's hard work with the local communities" Sleep Out Participant, 2018

On the night:

Make sure to follow WLM on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and post about your experience online tagging WLM, using the hashtag #WLMSleepOut2019. We will provide soup and rolls as well as entertainment in the evening before we all bed down for the night in the beautiful gardens. In the morning, breakfast will be served – just as it is in the night shelter – inside the church. This is a time for us all to come together and reflect on our experiences and thoughts of sleeping out the night before.

"You have no idea just what it is like to be homeless. Cold, lonely, scared, broke, dirty, hungry, thirsty and through no fault of your own." Sleep Out Participant, 2018

Support for Sleeping Out

We’re asking each participant to pledge to fundraise £350. By reaching this target, your sponsorship will pay for the resettlement support for one of our service users. You will receive dedicated fundraising support from our team, a WLM hoodie and an experience you’ll never forget. So thank you for supporting more of our homeless clients by sleeping out of your comfort zone for one night.

Individuals, participating alone or in a group of any size, must pledge to raise £350 each.

One adult must attend for every 2 children.

Instructions on how to fundraise for WLM's Sleep Out 2019:

  1. Book your place and purchase your ticket below.
  2. Set up your fundraising page with us below.
  3. Start sharing the link of your Fundraising page on social media, with friends, family and all of your contacts asking them to donate and support your cause!
  4. Have any questions? Get in touch with us on [email protected] or 020 7569 5915

I want to fundraise for WLM's Sleep Out 2019 Set up your fundraising page here! Join WLM's annual Sleep Out on Friday 25th October 2019 and help us support homeless people off the streets and onto a better chapter in their lives. Find out more

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