Low cost housing for key workers

Looking for affordable accommodation? With cool and contemporary spaces, this is a spectacular opportunity to live in the heart of London. Welcome to your new home! Read more

Take the 2.6 challenge and support our vulnerable service users

Calling all home heroes to support WLM in these challenging COVID-19 times! We need your help to continue providing our essential services to our vulnerable residents and service users, keeping them safe for COVID-19. Why not take on the 2.6 Challenge? It's a fun way for everyone to do their bit and help people affected by homelessness, poverty and trauma to live more fulfiling lives! Read more

Volunteer stories

'Volunteering for WLM has given me so much more than any paid job or course. I have been out of my comfort zone, learnt to be completely present and connected with the clients and my relationships with them has become stronger as a result. It has helped my confidence and given me valuable experience and being around like-minded volunteers and staff feels like having an extra family.' Read more