Could medicinal cannabis be the answer to homeless health concerns?

The equation of synthetic street drug spice with cannabis is dangerous, says surgeon Dr Frank D’Ambrosio. The latter could present a solution to the chronic pain problems suffered by so many homeless people Read more

Charity claims 22,000 young people at risk of being homeless at Christmas

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‘I have a job but I’m homeless’ — the working poor who can’t afford to rent

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Female army veterans pushed into homelessness and destitution by ‘abysmal’ pensions rules

‘It is a disgrace. There were girls who missed out on a lot of things because they wanted to start a family. They are still being punished due to not having a pension,’ says Elaine Hanson Read more

London’s CHAIN rough sleeping figures show “a crisis on our streets”

There were 2,069 people who were newly living on the streets between July and September as levels spike in the English capital Read more

Celebrating artists who have experienced homelessness

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The radical artist beating youth homelessness in the UK

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A Rough Sleeping grant of £1.9 million has been awarded to 6 projects involving partnerships between Local Authorities (LAs) and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

Funding awarded to 6 projects to test models that improve access to health services for people with both mental ill health and drug and alcohol dependency needs Read more

Nearly 1 in 10 rough sleepers in London are victims of modern slavery

A new report revealed highlights concerns that victims of modern slavery are sleeping rough and facing further exploitation due to lack of appropriate Local Authority support Read more

Fear of homelessness keeping women in ‘dangerous situations’, report finds

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Revealed: the private landlords profiting from England’s housing crisis

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