How does it feel to be homeless?

A new photography commission seeks to create an honest and intimate portrait of homelessness in London Read more

House prices rise across UK for first time since July 2018

House prices rose across the UK for the first time in one and a half years last month as optimism returned among buyers and sellers, according to surveyors and estate agents Read more

Affordable housing in London:rate of building in capital slows as new homes funded by Mayor remain unfinished

Figures show affordable housebuilding in London has slowed as construction experts blame skilled labour shortages and safety restrictions. Read more

Home ownership among people aged 35-44 has plunged

Adults in their mid-30s to mid-40s are three times more likely to rent than 20 years ago Read more

Almost one million London renters experience anxiety due to housing worries

Over a quarter of private renters in London felt physically ill or sick because of housing problems or worries in the last year according to a report Read more

This is just the start: Charities hail £900k raised by Evening Standard's Homeless Fund appeal

The Evening Standard’s Homeless Fund appeal was celebrated this week for showing that “by coming together, we can make a change” as it was announced that £900,000 has so far been raised for homeless causes Read more

Rough sleeping reaches second-highest on record

Last week new figures were released from the Combined Homelessness and Information Network (CHAIN), revealing that 3,637 people slept rough across London from October to December 2019. This is an 11% increase from the same period last year Read more

£4.5m third sector homelessness fund launched in Scotland

The grant programme is designed to help Scottish charities innovate and transform their homelessness services in line with the Scottish Government’s Ending Homelessness Together Action Plan Read more

Over 70 per cent of the public think arresting rough sleepers is a waste of police time

The majority of people (71%) think arresting people for sleeping rough is a waste of police time, with over half stating rough sleeping should not be considered a crime at all, a new survey reveals Read more

Housing benefit rise failing to make homes more affordable

Government's proposed increase will only help for fewer than a thousand homes, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism finds Read more

Amy Winehouse's family back Evening Standard's call to help women on the streets

Amy Winehouse's family have hailed Evening Standard's 'The Homeless Fund' appeal as crucial in helping “some of the most vulnerable women in our society” Read more

Average adult just a couple pay cheques away from homelessness

The average Brit believes they could only pay their rent or mortgage for two-and-a-half months if they lost their job, according to a survey Read more