Over 3,000 people rough sleeping in London during third national lockdown

New figures from the Combined Homelessness and Information Network (CHAIN) reveal that from January to March 2021, 3,002 people slept rough across London Read more

98-year-old woman takes on Captain Tom-style cycle challenge for homelessness

Diana O’Flynn is cycling on an exercise bike in her front room in honour of her great grandmother Katherine Price Hughes who launched homelessness charity West London Mission in 1887 Read more

City of London aims to deliver at least 1,500 homes using empty office space

The City of London has set a target to deliver at least 1,500 homes over the next decade as part of its post-pandemic plan to use vacant office space Read more

Ministers discuss plans to revamp Covid homeless scheme in London

Statistics from the Combined Homelessness And Information Network (Chain) showed the number of homeless people in London rose by 25% between October and December last year Read more

‘We are still human’: homeless households speak out over living conditions

A group of 27 homeless households in temporary accommodation in Hackney have spoken out over their living conditions in the borough Read more

Around the sitting room in 80 days with the amazing Diana, 98

Diana O’Flynn who is the great-granddaughter of Katherine Price Hughes - the founder of one of our services at WLM which provides housing to ex-offenders leaving prison helping them with their transition back to society - is fundraising for WLM Read more

WLM partners with Run For Heroes for new charity challenge

Do your 5K anywhere, anytime, with anyone! You can run, roll, walk, cycle or even swim... It's all about getting out and feeling good while you're doing it! Read more

A graphic novel written by young homeless people is helping change lives

The Book of Homelessness has proven a surprising hit among readers and is helping some young people move forward in their lives Read more

Benefits system increasing homelessness in London, research finds

The current benefits system is increasing homelessness in London and may make it difficult to move people out of emergency accommodation after the coronavirus pandemic, research by a leading homelessness organisation has found Read more

‘I was trapped in homelessness’: HSBC offers bank accounts to people with no fixed abode

The service, which allows a homeless person to use the address of a charity supporting them, now operates in more than 100 branches across the country Read more

New hopes for 2021

We need your help to support and give hope to those affected by the pandemic, those in growing debt, unemployed, most isolated, scared or lonely Read more

Plans to give young homeless a job and home ‘rapidly expanding’ in UK cities

One in five youngsters using Centrepoint's services are ready to move on but have nowhere to go Read more