How to make a self-referral

Please read below how you can self-refer for Counselling and Psychotherapy sessions with WLM HCC, whether individual or group psychotherapy. 

Step 1

If you are interested to access the counselling service please complete the following three documents:

Please complete the above three documents and return them to us via email at [email protected] The information contained in all these forms will be kept confidential.

Step 2

Our Service Coordinator or Clinical Service Manager will arrange an initial telephone call with you to discuss your wish to start therapy at this time, the type of therapies offered at WLM HCC, and whether WLM HCC is a suitable service for your concerns at the time of your referral.

Following from this initial conversation, you will be invited to attend a clinical Assessment appointment with one of our Senior Counsellors and Assessment workers.

If WLM HCC is not a suitable service for you, we will recommend other suitable services or alternative interventions that we think will be more useful for you at the time. There are cases where we may recommend you undertake a Clinical Assessment appointment with us before we are able to make any further recommendations for your referral for therapy with a different service or for a different type of intervention.

Step 3

In order to confirm your booking for an Assessment appointment, we will ask you to pay the one-off Assessment fee of £50 (£20 if you are unemployed, retired or a student).

Regarding your assessment fee, YOU CAN PAY ONLINE HERE

Step 4

You will be offered an appointment for an Assessment for Counselling and Psychotherapy as soon as possible and within four weeks maximum from the date of your initial phone call with the Service Coordinator.

Your Assessment appointment will be with one of our Senior Counsellors and Assessment workers, and this appointment lasts approximately 90 minutes.

During your Assessment appointment, you will discuss what brings you to therapy in more detail, explain your circumstances and speak in more depth about yourself and your life and background history. You will also be invited to ask questions about having therapy at HCC, and your ideas regarding your referral.

The Senior Counsellor and Assessment worker who meets you for your Assessment will discuss with you the individual and group psychotherapy services offered at WLM HCC, and help you decide what type of therapy may be more helpful for you at this time.

In some cases, we may ask you to attend a follow-up Assessment appointment, with the same Assessment worker, or with the Clinical Service Manager.

Fees for ongoing Counselling and Psychotherapy sessions vary according to individual circumstances, and will be discussed at the Assessment appointment. We ask all clients to agree their sessions’ fee on a sliding scale based on their capacity to contribute.

Step 5

Following from the Assessment appointment(s), our Clinical team will identify a suitable referral for you. You will be contacted by the Clinical Service Manager within four weeks from your Assessment appointment to discuss the details of your assigned therapist and confirm your availability for ongoing sessions, and your wish to proceed. If there is a delay you will be advised on the waiting times to start your sessions.  

Step 6

When you first meet with your therapist, you will both agree on a counselling contract. This simply talks about the responsibilities of both you as a client, and those of the therapist. It also sets in place things like confidentiality, length of sessions, what happens at the end of the agreed period. Here is a copy of a sample contract.


The ending of therapy is discussed in advance with your therapist, and is agreed at a time that is suitable and appropriate for your work together, and within your contracted year. Please be reminded that you can decide to end your therapy at any time, and a shorter length of therapy can be useful in some cases.

After your therapy has finished we ask that you please use the following After your therapy has finished we ask that you please use the following Feedback form to let us know more about your experience with WLM HCC. All feedback forms are anonymised.

If you require any further information please contact us on 020 3148 5331 or at [email protected]

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