Hinde Street Methodist Church has a long tradition of hospitality to 12 step groups. There are over 60 different anonymous groups that meet on our premises, and it’s important for us to make meeting rooms available at low cost for these groups, in the heart of the West End. People struggle with a wide range of addictions, and this church is a safe space for them to find understanding and support from each other, and from the congregation that worships here. Many of the people who come to the groups during the week will never meet the people who gather here on a Sunday – but we care about you, and we hold you in prayer. 

We have also made a quiet space available in the entrance to the church, where you can sit before or after group meetings to think, to pray, or just to have a bit of peace in a busy city.

Every Tuesday lunchtime, from 1-2pm, a meditation group meets in the Quiet Room – many anonymous group members come along to share in our quiet time together, either every week, or just occasionally when they have time. Meditation is, of course, the 11th of the 12 steps, and this is a good place to practice quiet attention to the present moment. We find that the quality of the silence created by the group is really quite special. All are welcome – and there is no cost.

If you want to know which groups are meeting, in which room, and at what time, either call into the reception office at 19 Thayer Street to look at the weekly diary, or phone them on 020 7935 6179. Groups are arranged individually, so we encourage you to check with the group you are interested in to see whether they are meeting, and whether there have been any timetable changes.

The most well-known of the 12 step groups that meets here is Alcoholics Anonymous: they meet every lunchtime from 1-2pm in the main hall in the basement. Methodist churches are a good place for AA to meet, as no alcohol is allowed on the premises. Hugh Price Hughes, the founder of the West London Mission, was also a founder of the temperance movement and worked hard at the end of the 19th century to support people struggling with alcohol addiction.


Here is a list of contacts and websites for some of the groups that meet there:

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Overeaters Anonymous

Anorexics and Bulimics Anonymous 

Sexual & Intimacy Anorexics Anonymous

Cocaine Anonymous

Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous

Sex Addicts Anonymous

Gamblers Anonymous

Al-anon Friends and Family Members of Problem Drinkers

Workaholics Anonymous

Debtors Anonymous

Co-dependants Anonymous

Underearners Anonymous

Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous

Hinde Street Church

19 Thayer Street, London, W1U 2QJ

T: 020 7935 6179.

Ministers: Rev Peter CornickBelinda Letby
Associated ministers: Rev James Cruddas, Rev David Cruise, Rev Ruth Bottoms (circuit social work chaplain)
Student and Young Adult Worker: Miriam Kennedy
Director of Music: Magdalena Jones
Reception: Tanhya Bascombe
Caretaker: Bob Mathews