WLM Highbury Counselling Centre (HCC) offers a confidential, accessible, and professional counselling service to adults in the community. We aim to offer our clients a space they can use to talk about a wide range of emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, loss, and other distressing life events. We offer longer-term talking therapy
 for one year, which is currently a rare and precious resource in the field of mental health.

Some clients come to deal with a very specific issue that is creating emotional distress in their present lives, others want to understand a troubling past experience, or change the quality of their relationships with their family and friends. We help our clients understand and change emotional patterns so they can look forward to a better future.

One of our main objectives is to offer an accessible and affordable service, by taking into account our clients’ financial situation, and we are proud to offer a reduced-fee scheme to clients who are on low income.

What we offer:

Individual counselling

Group psychotherapy

Clinical placements for trainees

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