WLM's housing services cover a wide range of needs in housing, either related to homelessness or to longer-term housing solutions.

We aim to continue providing high-quality services empowering people to move off the streets and transform their lives. 

  • WLM Burgess Park House is our ex-military supported housing service and works with men and women who have served in the British military. At WLM Burgess Park House we have 11 self-contained studio flats with a wet room and a kitchen area. In addition, there are communal spaces: a lounge, kitchen and garden. The team office is at this site. We also manage 6 one-bedroom flats near Clapham North.
  • WLM The Haven is a registered care home for men with alcohol addiction. Many may have experience of street homelessness and have suffered from untreated illnesses and injuries, the effects of long-term poor diet and significant mental health conditions. WLM The Haven provides a stable environment using a harm reduction approach, giving them the time, space and support to make positive changes in their lives and begin their road to recovery.
  • WLM Seymour Place, helps those who are sleeping rough. We offer both emergency help and long-term housing solutions. We assess everyone so that we can help them in the most effective way possible. We have a good network of accommodation providers and try and get people off the streets as quickly as we can. We also assist with finding paid work and claiming benefits.
  • WLM St Luke’s is a friendly, relaxed community space in Kennington offering affordable accommodation options in a renovated shared environment. We have bright, newly refurbished single rooms to rent in our centrally located historic building. With cool and contemporary shared living spaces, this is a spectacular opportunity to live in the heart of London. WLM St Luke's is also home to Pret House at WLM St Luke’s, an accommodation project for homeless people in collaboration with Pret A Manger.
  • WLM Katherine Price Hughes (KPH) is one of the 12 Independent Approved Premises in the country and is funded by the Ministry of Justice. This project has the capacity to house 20 residents who are offenders leaving prison and subject to public protection arrangements. Our residents receive high-level support and contact daily to help in their journey in transitioning from custody to the community.