A Volunteer's Story

“I heard about WLM Seymour Place through an event where I met one of their volunteers selling raffle tickets. I had a chat with them and took away a leaflet. You could say that Seymour Place found me! I kept the leaflet for around 6 months before the timing was right for me to apply. I had never worked with street homeless people. I had no idea whether I’d like it or not but I think you shouldn’t fear the unknown.

I started in the day centre by shadowing one of the volunteers to learn the ropes. I help out two mornings a week supporting the services which are used by up to 100 street homeless people each day. I’ve done everything from serving breakfast in the canteen, giving out towels on reception, helping with laundry and post through to handing out clothes.

I like talking to our clients, finding out about their lives and how their week is going. I’m a people person. It’s easy to forget but some people who come to the day centre may not have someone to talk to in their lives. Before coming to WLM I had a vision of rough sleepers but the reality is very different. You could be passing a homeless person every day and not know it. That’s surprised me.

My husband would say volunteering for WLM has made me happier and he’s right! It’s a purpose in my week and I get an awful lot back from volunteering here. I like hearing about the successes when someone gets accommodation sorted or a job. If I can make a little bit of a difference to the people who use Seymour Place then I go away very happy. Give it a go - it’s been great joining the team!”

Carol Knibbs, Volunteer at WLM Seymour Place

For more information about becoming a volunteer with WLM click here

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