Violet, a care worker, came to WLM St Luke's because she could not afford to buy her son a winter coat. She was in debt and sleeping on the floor of her tiny, one-bed, flat because she had no bed. She was trying to study as well as work and care for her son.

Violet, had fled domestic violence and was living in temporary accommodation. Her Universal Credit was, incorrectly, being underpaid and, despite borrowing money from a friend, she had increasing rent arrears.

​We supported Violet in creating a budget which allowed her to see where she was overspending. She reduced her costs, which enabled her to pay off some rent arrears. This, in turn, had an enormous impact because it allowed her to move to a larger flat. We also supported her to sort out her benefit payments.

We completed a successful application to the Careworkers' Charity for £383 to buy a chair bed for Violet and a desk, lamp and chair for her son so he could more easily do his homework. Since engaging with us, she has started a part-time university course.

Life has changed so much and I appreciate your help so much. My son’s anxiety has gone down so much now we have moved from our tiny flat. He is able to read and study now. I feel so much better and wake up and my brain is ready to learn, I am rested.  I am so pleased.  I set myself goals now – for money; for my studying; for my life. Thank you so much all of you at WLM, you have truly changed my life”.

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