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This is an art piece created by the homeless people, volunteers and interns at the WLM Seymour Place Community on Seymour Place just down the road from Marylebone Station to symbolise and celebrate the success of their 2017-18 WLM Night Shelter which helped 84 homeless people to transition off our local streets this year with 61 of them accessing permanent accommodation away from the streets and 22 moving into employment.

Wardrobe - Night Shelter Celebration 2018

Each light represents a life changed by the shelter’s work through the year and the wardrobe is created to be ‘A Homecoming Wardrobe’ decorated externally with cuttings of expensive properties pointing to how to tough it can be to financially sustain life in London, and decorated internally with the simple everyday home comforts and furniture so many of us take for granted.

Wardrobe - Night Shelter Celebration 2018

On his way to work at the drop-in for local homeless people one morning the manager found this wardrobe abandoned, and itself homeless, on the street and immediately taxied it to the drop-in where they have an art group for the homeless members of their community. The art group quickly got to work turning this beat up homeless wardrobe into this symbolic piece you see here.

WLM Seymour Place work alongside 100 local homeless people per day providing food, showers, clothing, luggage, arts groups, access to accommodation and employment, physical and mental healthcare, and general fun and refuge from the chaos and danger of life on the streets for its vulnerable members.

Part of what WLM Seymour Place do is the WLM Night Shelter, providing shelter, warmth and food throughout the cold winter months from October to May and from this stabilising foundation they help people to access a range of opportunities for permanent transition out of homelessness.

This gathering of people who make up their WLM Seymour Place Art Group decided to put their creative skills to use on this wardrobe to make it a symbol of the changes to lives being brought about through the hard work and dedication of the winter night shelter and the wardrobe was first displayed at the 2018 celebration event of the shelter, where they celebrated the fact that the shelter helped 84 people off the streets throughout last winter, with 61 of those people moving permanently into accommodation and 22 into employment - A quite wonderful achievement well worth celebrating through such creativity. A special thanks to Maggie, who led on this piece of work.


‘This shelter is a healing project. It has helped me and so many others in this way…’

Nigel, A Guest of This Year’s WLM Night Shelter


Join us for a night of reflection in support of our work by taking part in our Sleep Out on 26th October. To get involved with this and support our dynamic and increasingly vital local work at WLM Seymour Place please call our team on 020 7569 5900.

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