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At Seymour Place, we support 100 homeless people every day. The number of rough sleepers has increased by 169% in the past 8 years, so our work is needed now more than ever. Real support takes time and space, and this is what WLM Seymour Place provides. In the mornings, we give a mixture of short and long-term help including food, showers, clothing, and access to NHS facilities. We help our clients to rebuild confidence, nurture their skills, and support them into work and stable secure accommodation. Last year we helped 242 people into accommodation!

For the rest of the day, our building is unused when it could be serving the community. We want to engage the community by making it more inclusive and accessible, hiring rooms to local groups and business. We will have social enterprise in our building - a pop up restaurant in our café and a temperance bar – providing education, training and employment opportunities for our clients and helping them become self-sufficient. We will host events that celebrate Seymour Place's heritage and exhibit local art. We will future proof the space and make it a vibrant, creative space for the whole area rather than separating homeless people from their local community.

Seymour Place

Seymour Place is a heritage building and we will be returning to its origins, built in 1873, it was home to Emma Cons, founder of the South London Dwellings Company and the Old Vic. Seymour Place will restore this unique mix of philanthropy and temperance tavern to Marylebone once again!

We need £71,314 for stages 1 & 2 of this amazing project:

• A feasibility report & concept design to enable pre application discussions with Westminster Council & Historic England
• Undertake full much needed surveys of existing building
• Engage the Marylebone community in project plan - residents, businesses, commuters and schools
• Accessibility audit of existing building and proposals
• Outline cost plan to inform construction works and future business plan

Seymour Place crowdfund

Once we have transformed our building, we will be able to address needs that have not yet been met, including supporting people with gambling addictions, facilitating women's groups and tackling long-term unemployment. Our building will bridge the gap between some of the richest and poorest groups in Marylebone, creating social cohesion in divisive times. We will bring together local residents, schools, churches, businesses through our creative, dynamic hub, offering events with wide engagement. Our holistic service for homeless people will develop into a more effective platform for getting people off the streets with more employment avenues through our temperance bar. We will improve the experience of visitors, giving clients a safe and calming environment in which to rebuild their lives.

Seymour Place crowdfund

Seymour Place will have retreat space in the basement, offering opportunities for 1-to-1 conversation. We will improve access for disabled people, allowing all who need help to find it. Our service users often have mobility issues so this will be life changing for more people. Our support will offer real impact, helping deal with the root causes of homelessness rather than just the effects.

We are crowdfunding for this project and our campaign ends on 17th December. If by the deadline we don’t reach our target, your donation will be returned to you.

Support our incredible project by donating HERE and spread the word to your friends, families and colleagues. Help us change Seymour Place into a building that serves the community and changes the landscape of Marylebone forever!

Posted by: Admin on Monday 17 Sep 2018

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