4th May 2022

WLM staff and trustees were pleased and excited to attend the official opening of the new WLM HCC building on Woodfall Road last week.

Everyone was welcomed by the team and the Head of Counselling, Kalli Nikolopoulou who explained the service. Roger Clark, WLM CEO thanked all the parties involved in getting this particular WLM service to this stage. Revd Peter Cornick added his thanks, offered a blessing and invited Edna Wijertna, Trustee and member of the WLM HCC Steering Committee to cut a celebration cake, before he cut the ribbon.

WLM HCC team members then took people on a guided tour of the premises ending up with refreshments in the conference room on the top floor. As Roger said, these new premises set the bar for how WLM Services want all its buildings to be.

See some photos of the event below: