15 July 2021

St Mungo’s, who have been working in the ground floor of WLM Seymour Place, have ended their agreement with us in line with the easing of restrictions and their reopening of new COVID19 safe ‘No Second Night Out’ facilities elsewhere in London. This has been a very positive relationship for WLM Services as part of our continued involvement with the Westminster Homelessness Partnership seeking to support people rough sleeping in Westminster.

The NHS provision continues to deliver on site support for people with health issues who are rough sleeping. Post pandemic, the strategy for WLM Seymour Place is three-fold going forward.

Firstly, the Central office team hopes to be operating fully from the top 3 floors from September 2021.

Secondly, we will be undertaking a Community consultation exercise to build local relationships with organisations and look at the range of things that can be offered from the site in order to maximise use of WLM Seymour Place. In doing this we will learn from our experiences of developing WLM St Luke’s into a Community Hub. We have made links with a social enterprise bakery, with a Choir for people who have experienced homelessness and we will be submitting a further bid to the MHCLG/Housing Justice funding options to support to people who find themselves rough sleeping from the autumn. As last year this will be in Covid19 safe studio flats rather than the winter night shelter in halls model.

Thirdly, we are working on the potential comprehensive redevelopment of the site to create an accessible building for the next 30-40 years of service to the community. We will be looking to gain support for this through a number of routes as our estimated costs are between £4-7million. If successful, building works would potentially start in 2025/6 and last for 12-14 months.

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