11 September 2020

As part of their work to raise standards in the private rented sector, Westminster City Council has launched a new online tool that allows residents in Westminster to check if the house they live in is licensed correctly. Tenants sharing a house or flat with five or more people, who are not all family members, should use the tool to check if their property has a licence. If it doesn't, they may be entitled to up to 12 months’ rent back.

Rent Repayment Checker

Tenants who find they are living in an unlicensed shared house (known as a 'House in Multiple Occupation'), and consent to being contacted, will be put in touch with an officer from the council to discuss their case. Westminster Council will then refer them to their charity partner, Safer Renting, who will guide them through the process of claiming their rent back.

The checker has been created to support the council’s Housing Standards Taskforce and was set up to protect vulnerable residents by investigating landlords and letting agents who flout the rules or provide tenants with sub-standard homes. 

Landlords can check if they need a licence and apply for one here.

Check Westminster Council's website for more information on the Housing Standards Taskforce and how the council can help tenants.