15 October 2019

If you go to Shoreditch regularly you might have noticed something bright and colourful that's popped up there over the last few days.

A huge graffiti mural has been created in the popular East London area, close to Shoreditch House.

But it's not just there to look pretty.

It's asking Londoners to 'wake up' the problem of homelessness by providing them with some brutal facts.

Predominantly it tells of how rough sleeping has increased by 165% in England since 2010.

Interested in who's behind the creation?

Graffiti Life, the leading graffiti artist and street art collective, partnered with homelessness charity St Mungos to kick London into action with the design and their #wakeuptohomelessness campaign.

The art appeared just days before World Homeless Day, which was October 10. 

St Mungo's and Graffiti Life also found some other shocking stats.

Data shows 50 per cent of homeless people have a mental illness.

Not only this but the average age of death for a homeless man is 45 and for women it's 43. Just last year, 726 rough sleepers died, which is a fifth more than the previous year.

The mural, while it may be colourful has a serious message about an issue that has reached crisis point.

And Londoners need to rally together to help.

Reta Robinson, St Mungo’s director of fundraising, said: "This is the first time we have enlisted the support of the creative industries, to raise awareness of the serious and growing issue of homelessness and rough sleeping and London and across the UK.

"It is not uncommon for those sleeping on the streets to go unnoticed on a daily basis, and so having a mural which will really catch the attention of Londoners and encourage their support in ending homelessness for good is invaluable."

Source: MyLondon