18 March 2020

In the light of the coronavirus pandemic, WLM's Business Continuity Plan has been agreed by the Housing and Community Services Committee, shared with relevant partners and is being implemented and revised in line with government advice and developments.

The primary objective is the protection of those who receive services from WLM and who work for the organisation to the best of our ability. Many of those we work with are in the categories of those who are more vulnerable to this virus.

WLM Katherine Price Hughes Approved Premise and WLM The Haven both continue their work supporting our residents with extra hygiene measures in place.
WLM Highbury Counselling Centre (HCC) has closed its building and is not doing new assessments, but where possible counsellors are offering virtual counselling sessions with current clients.
WLM St Luke’s services have been suspended until further notice too, in order to help with social distancing and with staff working remotely to provide support to users.
Pret House at WLM St Luke's, WLM Burgess Park House and WLM Cherry Tree House which are residential services but do not usually have staff 24/7 are now being supported by staff remote working.
WLM Seymour Place Night Centre has been suspended in consultation with Westminster City Council and all our service users have been redirected to hotel rooms.

Central Office and Fundraising staff are working from home as much as possible with much use being made of virtual meetings. Sites will be attended as necessary for building management.

We are hugely grateful to the whole staff team for the flexibility and resilience they are showing as we continue to implement the plan and all adjust to the changing circumstances around us.

Please keep in touch with us via our social media platforms in order to get the latest updates on WLM's response to Coronavirus.

Thank you,

The WLM team