11 December 2020

WLM is a proud member of Westminster Homelessness Partnership (WHP). The WHP is jointly run by a group of organisations committed to the same goal: ending street homelessness in Westminster.

The WHP ‘core group’ includes WLM (West London Mission), Connection at St Martin’s, Passage, St Mungo’s, Great Chapel Street and Westminster City Council. Other organisations such as Housing Justice and Groundswell are also members of the wider WHP strategic group. These organisations are committed to working together in new ways to create more effective systems and services.

You can find out more on the WHP website www.whpartnership.org.uk. This includes examples of partnership work in action. For example you can read about the joint project to provide catering to those moved into hotels during lockdown here https://whpartnership.org.uk/general/partnership-in-action-food-provision-in-a-pandemic/.

The WHP has a part-time coordinator to help convene meetings, and plan and deliver projects. You can sign up for a newsletter at https://mailchi.mp/dc73926d9a2d/westminster-homelessness-partnership-3570284

And find the WHP on Twitter @WestminsterHP