27 November 2020

WLM is delighted to support THE TRACK, the debut short film by Augusta Woods, based on a true story centred around homelessness which is hoped to raise £10,000 towards the production costs. Every pound pledged by supporters will make a massive difference towards the making of this film and to help raise awareness around homelessness. 

The story

THE TRACK is a story full of warmth, humour, benevolence and heartache that follows Nate, a 45-year-old teacher migrated to the U.K. in search for a better life, only to quickly fall through the cracks and become lost to the streets of London. While struggling to get back on his feet, he befriends Grace, a young volunteer at a day shelter, and the
two quickly bond over the Metro crossword. A chance gift of a nights stay at a five-star hotel is awarded to Nate, but the charitable offer quickly becomes a nightmare when he is rejected by the hotel staff because of 'incorrect personal information' and is met with a freezing cold pavement yet again. As the icy bite of winter quickly closes in, the situation becomes deadly and forces Grace to abandon all forms of protocol and do everything in her power to save him, only to find that she may already be too late..

Augusta Woods explains why she wants to tell this story:

I've spent some time volunteering over the past couple of years at a homeless shelter in central London. Every Friday morning I’d help out the team with various jobs but mainly handing out clothing, shower and breakfast tokens to the members that came pouring in. These member’s names are on a list I was given so I could tick them off when they received a token. The list would also inform you who was on benefits/universal credit and who had practically nothing. I took my time observing certain members and got to know some lovely people in very unfortunate situations. The rough sleeper of whom this story is based on, is an ex-teacher and desperately trying to get back in to the field. He always wore a smile on his face and saw the best in people and very visibly sustained a good rapport with all the members and workers. I soon came to realise he must have been there a while to build up this reputation amongst the tough crowd. So when I heard this particular story about him getting turned away from a prestigious hotel, I was mesmerized and touched by his attitude to life. 

Can you help THE TRACK take off?

If you would like to back this project, please visit its Kickstarter page to pledge your donation and support the film's vision.