22nd June 2022

For the first time since October 2019, all teams from the WLM Services were able to meet in person for their annual conference. Meeting at the National Council for Voluntary Organisations Conference Suite near Kings Cross, the day included a mixture of presentations, activities, and small group work.

The day began with Roger Clark (WLM CEO) reminding everyone of all that has happened since we last met. This was followed by a reflective activity where everyone used post-it notes to identify the challenges of the pandemic, what they had learnt, what they want to do differently, what had helped people get through and what could be celebrated.

Roger and Jude (Deputy CEO) then shared around the recently agreed new vision, mission and values, as well as the asset based approach and the decision by the Circuit Meeting Trustees to move to the WLM Services being a separate charity.

After lunch, small groups discussed what excited them about the direction of travel as well as coming up with questions that were then put to a panel of Roger Clark, Jude McKee and Peter Cornick, Superintendent Minister. A final activity for groups was to dream what they think WLM Services will look like in 5 years time. Feedback from the day has been very positive. In particular those who had commenced working for the WLM Service in the last year were pleased to have a sense of the whole organisation and to meet people in the flesh rather than online!

See some of the photos of WLM's staff conference below: