5 August 2021

A massive thank you to Jim and Susie Staikos for their enormous donation of toiletries and socks to WLM Burgess Park House and WLM Katherine Price Hughes House!  

In celebration of Jim’s milestone 90th birthday in 2019, the couple had a large tea party in London. They asked that the 60+ guests, instead of a birthday present, brought toiletries with them that Jim and Susie would then donate to WLM. Due to renovations at WLM Seymour Place (where the items were planned to be delivered), a trip to the United States and the Covid-19 pandemic, it is only now, two years later, that we have been lucky enough to receive their kind donations.  

Susie said: “Guests responded with great enthusiasm and overwhelmed us with their generous donations. I am thrilled that WLM will be able to distribute these items to such important residential houses and that they will be useful to those who need them most. I can’t wait to tell all those who donated the items.”  

Evident in the photos, there were a LOT of items! There were bags full of toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, moisturisers, wet wipes, shaving items, deodorant and socks. These have all gone to WLM Burgess Park House, our ex-military supported housing service, and WLM Katherine Price Hughes, our approved premises for ex-offenders. Due to the sheer volume of items, they will be able to be included in new service users’ welcome packs and given to those that are moving on from the services for many months to come.  

We are so grateful to Jim & Susie for this massive collection of items. Everyday essentials such as these are really important at our WLM services.

If you would like to use a birthday or other special event as an opportunity to fundraise for WLM then please get in touch with the Fundraising team at [email protected]