16 March 2020

WLM's response to Coronavirus

CEO Roger Clark statement

"Here at WLM, we will continue to roll out our coronavirus plan. We will be putting in place further planned systems to attempt to protect our residents and people using our services to the best of our ability as the challenge escalates.

The health and safety of our residents, people using our services, our staff and volunteers remains our absolute priority with the focus on infection control, limiting access and sustaining our operations through flexible working and building management.

I am incredibly grateful to the WLM staff for their willingness to go beyond the call and our supporters for their commitment to our work. Whatever the length and severity of the crisis we have the foundation to serve those who need us. We are working with partners and commissioners to continuously tailor our response based on vulnerability and complementing each service plan need with the whole WLM approach.

Whatever lies ahead we will do all we can to still empower people affected by homelessness, poverty and trauma to make positive changes in their lives. Please keep our work in your prayers or in your thoughts.

Thank you very much,

Roger Clark