Real life stories


Richard's story...

Listening to music is my passion, especially Classical music.

I also play the Bassoon. I used to play for the London Youth Symphony Orchestra.

My life is very different now. I haven't really looked back. Read more.


Brasco's story...

Being on the streets is harder than doing a 10-hour work shift. When I am on the streets all day I am exhausted.

I have two options at the moment. I feel like there is a war in my head. I could go down into trouble or I could start something new. Read more.


Shaun's story...

Before coming here I was in residential detoxes and hostels. But I kept going back to drink.

I wanted somewhere that wasn’t a hostel, I wanted my own place.

I just wanted independent living, a safe calm environment. Read more.


Keith's story...

A few years ago my life was very unstable. My work took me all around the place London and England and other countries. I was drinking around 10 to 12 pints a day.

I was arrested for getting into a fight in a shop. Read more.


Gemma's story...

Gemma, a 29-year-old woman working in sales, suffered huge amounts of anxiety at work and found herself unable to constructively challenge any of her colleagues in the work place. Read more.

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