Support WLM with a 2.6 Challenge!

Here at WLM, we hope that you and your loved ones are staying well in these very difficult days.

Under the Covid-19 pandemic WLM is working hard to keep safe all the guests in our various residences across London. We support people who are homeless and are ex-military, recently released ex-offenders and those affected by long-term alcohol abuse. We also support many people through our community centres. Many of our residents have underlying health conditions and fall into the clinically vulnerable category. We anticipate the additional measures we have put in place - employing extra staff, performing deep cleans, buying PPE etc - will be required for many weeks and months to come. Our Covid-19 costs are mounting and we urgently need your help to fundraise for us.

We would love you to perform a 2.6 Challenge to fundraise for WLM. The idea is that 2.6 or 26 is the theme of an activity that you do either by yourself or, virtually, with friends, family, neighbours or colleagues. Then donate or fundraise for WLM. Right now, the number 2.6 is especially important for WLM as it the amount, in £000’s, that we need to spend every day to keep our residents safe under Covid-19. It would be wonderful to have your support.

How can you help?

  1. Dream up an activity that suits your skills around the number 2.6 or 26. It could be a creative challenge, culinary feast, artistic performance or an online fitness workout or exercise programme. Choose an activity that will be fun and motivational. You can find loads of 2.6 Challenge ideas HERE

  2. Share your challenge with friends and family to kick off your fundraising. You can set up a fundraising page on our website too! Set up your 2.6 Challenge fundraising page

  3. To set up a WLM Fundraising Page is very easy! First, you need to click the Set up your 2.6 Challenge fundraising page button above, then click on the Set up your fundraising page with us button, then select the COVID-19 emergency appeal as the associated appeal for your fundraising page from the drop-down menu, complete all your details and finish by clicking the Submit your fundraiser page button on the bottom of the page. Don't forget to share your personalised WLM fundraising page on your social media!

  4. Find and follow WLM on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and tag us in your social media 2.6 Challenge posts so we can share your content via our platforms. Don't forget to use the #WLMTwoPointSixChallenge hashtag!

  5. When you have completed your activity use our website to make your donation: Make your 2.6 Challenge donation

  6. Easy!

Please let us know what activity you choose and send photos of your participation at [email protected]. We’d love to share your efforts online so do tell us how you get on!