Being on the streets is harder than doing a 10-hour work shift. When I am on the streets all day I am exhausted. 

I have two options at the moment. I feel like there is a war in my head. I could go down into trouble or I could start something new.

A lot of going into trouble has been mixed up with drugs and alcohol. I am not doing that so often now. It is very difficult to stay clear of drugs and alcohol when you are on the street because so many people are dependent on it.

This is like a see-saw. I can’t find a medium level, a balance.

There’s always someone around who is willing to share a drink, but that’s not a help. What I really need is the strength to keep going, to keep the feeling that things can be better. Coming to WLM Seymour Place helps me to do that.

My case worker at the day centre has been a great help. She always helps me to get things like accommodation sorted out. She has also given me support to stay away from drink.

I have a hostel, and now I am working to find a job. For me, it’s like the last chance to do something. But I can say I am not addicted to alcohol or to any drug now.

It is about going upwards and keeping the hope and belief in what you are doing.

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