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Lambeth Money Champions

Money Champions is an exciting new project delivered from our community centre in Kennington, St Luke’s Hub. It is a project designed to increase people’s confidence to manage their money and prevent them from falling into financial difficulties.

The right help at the right time.

Stresses and anxieties about money can impact negatively on people’s, health, well-being and family relationships. People often start worrying about money problems a long time before they decide to look for help, and by the time they do, their problems have often become a lot worse. Money Champions offers people someone they can talk to before they start getting into trouble.

We are recruiting Money Champions from a broad range of community networks, organisations, businesses, churches and faith groups across Lambeth.

These champions will be trained to have initial conversations with people about their money worries, offering useful tips and signposting to the help and professional advice they might need.

From September 2014 to March 2016, 268 Lambeth residents, employees and volunteers have completed our training to become Money Champions. Take a look at our inaugural Money Champions Review here.

Anyone living or working within Lambeth can be a Money Champion. If you’d like to register or learn more about the project, please get in touch with Laura McCullagh, Money Champions Coordinator: or Tel: 020 3242 0954 / 07572 595340

If you’d be interested in supporting us as a volunteer with the project please see our role description here. For more information have a look at the dedicated Money Champions website

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