Aims and Objectives


  • The service will offer long term care and accommodation to men who have a present alcohol addiction and who are unable or unwilling to stop drinking.

  • The majority of clients will have experienced homelessness in the recent past.

  • A philosophy of ‘harm reduction’ will inform practice in the home.

  • Residents will be free to consume an agreed amount of alcohol on the premises.

  • The primary aims of the service will be to address health, dietary and accommodation needs of residents.

  • Residents are encouraged to participate in activities that are of interest to them.

  • Many residents will have long histories of involvement with the criminal justice system, by providing long term stable accommodation such episodes can be significantly reduced.

  • Similarly, many residents will be frequent visitors to accident and emergency departments, by providing a safe environment the occurrence of traumatic injuries is markedly reduced.

  • For some residents a long term objective may be to re-establish contact with family members who they have lost contact with over a protracted period of time.

  • Rehabilitation will not normally be a realistic goal for most residents, however, where such help is requested appropriate services will be identified and a referral made.

  • It is expected that for most residents The Haven offers long term accommodation as they are unlikely to be able to sustain themselves in a community setting and will have tried to do so unsuccessfully in the past.

  • Although individual referrals may be assessed accordingly to need in most cases, a minimum age limit of 40 will usually apply.

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