Haven House Housekeeping Staff


Name: Andzelika Ivanova

Position: Senior Housekeeper

Email: andzelika.ivanova@wlm.org.uk

Profile: I have lived in London for the last 13 years since moving from my home country of Lithuania. I started work as a cleaner for a chain of hotels and progressed to the position of  Housekeeping Manger responsible for 5 hotels. Although I had gained allot of experience working in the Hotel industry, I did not find it very rewarding and decided to look for work with a charity. I applied to the WLM for the position of Senior Housekeeper in April and was delighted when the I was offered the position. I have settled down very quickly mainly due to the welcoming and helpful staff and residence and so far it has been the most enjoyable 12 months of my Housekeeping carreer.

Name: Gosha Gogol

Position: Housekeeper

Email: malgorzata.gogol@wlm.org.uk

Profile: I moved to London from Poland 9 years ago, after finishing a Cooking school. I worked as a kitchen assistant in pub in central London , when my friend asked me if I want to work for WLM as a relief cleaner. So I started at WLM as a relief cleaner and  after 4 years when opened a housekeeping position at The Haven I applied and was very happy to get a job. 

Name: Marta Jastrzebska

Position: Housekeeper

Email: Marta.Jastrzebska@wlm.org.uk

Profile: I moved to London from Poland 5 years ago. I first stared working in the UK as a cleaner at ISS.  Three years ago my friend asked me if I want to work for WLM as a relief cleaner. So I started at WLM as a relief cleaner, next on a part time contract and now I work fulltime position. I enjoy working with the residents and my colleagues and I’m very happy in this role. 

Name: Agnieszka Jachimowska 

Position: Housekeeper

Email: Agnieszka.Jachimowska@wlm.org.uk

Profile: I have lived in UK since 2007 when I left my home country of Poland. I was working as a cleaner in many places in London and across Devon, where I lived. I started working for WLM almost 2 years ago. I am very pleased with this job and enjoying working with friendly staff every day.

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