Criteria for referrals

WLM's Ex-Military Supported Housing offers a pathway designed to support and house people who have served (at least one day) in Military Services commissioned by the UK Ministry of Defence. We house men and women.

The WLM team based at Burgess Park House are experienced in assisting people to get the right help across a wide range of issues that may have led to their homelessnessWe want to manage the service smoothly and decisions are taken on the basis of individual needs and the current group level of need.

We have no blanket exclusions (except for those convicted of arson) but all potential residents should have self-awareness and be committed to exploring what it will take to reach future goals.

Please feel free to call the service if you would like an informal conversation about what we offer and the referral process.

The team are:

  • Jamie Hickling - Service Manager
  • Barbara Holder - Housing Support Worker
  • Zoe Flewin - Vocational Guidance Worker

The phone number at Burgess Park House is 020 7703 9613.

The referral form is available HERE.

Referral forms should be emailed to

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