Thinking Things Through

These interactive workshops, organised by the Chaplain, provide an opportunity for staff and volunteers from across the Social Work Services to take a step back from their usual busy routines and come together to reflect on themes relating to our values and Christian ethos, looking at how they relate to our front-line work.

Previous Sessions:

'Everyone is Special'

What does it mean when Christians say that people are made in the image of God in the context of homelessness, addiction and offending?

'Living with Loss'

Service users have variously lost homes, jobs, freedoms, family, health and more. We too face losses in our lives. We also deal with service users moving on: sometimes positively, sometimes less so and sometimes through death. How do we live transformatively with loss?


'The ‘F’ Word - Forgive ? Forget ? Fester ?'

People affected by homelessness, offending and addiction often have much in their past to come to terms with. How does forgiveness help people be free of the negative impact and move on?

'There’s No Place like Home'

What does ‘home’ mean for us and those we work with and what does it mean for our various services to be hospitable places.