WLM Burgess Park House is an ex-military supported housing service provided by WLM and works with men and women who have served in the British military.

Most people come to WLM Burgess Park House wanting to find a permanent home, ideally for life. We’ve had great success in helping people to achieve this. Our residents get the support of a team member from day one of living with us. We expect them to meet at least monthly with us to think together about how to make the most of their skills and plan the next stage in their life.

We have found that people from a service background face a specific set of problems when dealing with civvy street. People have found emergency housing, shelters, hostels and other types of supported accommodation challenging environments that are less equipped to know how to help veterans. Since 2016 we have worked exclusively with people who are ex-military and we believe that we provide an environment where people can flourish as their neighbours will, to some extent, have shared experience with them.

WLM Burgess Park House is our main building where there are 11 self-contained studio flats. Each flat has a wet room and a kitchen area. In addition, there are communal spaces: a lounge, kitchen and garden. The team office is at this site.

We also manage 6 one-bedroom flats near Clapham North. This occupies the whole of a red brick Victorian house. Two flats are duplex, and one ground floor flat has a rear garden. WLM Cherry Tree House: 343 Clapham Road, SW9 9BS

We know that getting to know someone takes time and we expect it to take
between 1-2 years for us to successfully help our residents into a home. We explore options and together come up with a plan. We can plug them into local organisations and we are linked with other military charities British Legion Pop InSSAFAVeterans AidSTOLLWASPThe Queen Victoria Seamen’s RestNew Belvedere House and The Poppy Factory to name a few. We will fulfil our obligations on this plan and ask our residents to do the same. We always continue to support our residents in their new home for six months to make sure they are settled.

‘From the day I came for interview, I am in a situation when my confidence has done a 360 turn. I have had support to sort myself financially; I was backed in everything that I have wanted to do. I have always wanted to work with vulnerable people and I am now volunteering with WLM and outreach teams. All this is just in a year. I can see the results of the support in others that I am living with too, places like WLM Burgess Park House are absolute lifesavers, and it is an amazing thing. If there wasn’t anywhere like this for ex-servicemen I would not like to think where we’d be'. - Eddie

Everyone is aware that living in London and making ends meet can be a real challenge and so all residents have access to our ‘Money Champions’ programme.

Local authorities often do not prioritise our veterans but through the Veteran’s Nomination Scheme there is a route to access affordable homes in the social housing sector. This has been the main route to move on.

Our aim is to be trauma-informed and to work in a psychologically informed way. Ensuring the service is financially sustainable in a tumultuous funding climate will prove a great challenge.

'I have been at WLM Burgess Park House for just over a year now. The service and support I’ve received have been above and beyond in every aspect. Every member of staff is dedicated, compassionate and trustworthy, which for someone in my position is such a massive help. They’ve helped me with courses and support for figuring out the path I want to take going forward. I’m going to run a half marathon in support of WLM to raise money as a token of my appreciation. Safe to say I’m one happy resident.' - Ron

Criteria for referrals

WLM Burgess Park House
 offers a pathway designed to support and house people who have served (at least one day) in Military Services commissioned by the UK Ministry of Defence. We house men and women.

The WLM team based at Burgess Park House are experienced in assisting people to get the right help across a wide range of issues that may have led to their homelessnessWe want to manage the service smoothly and decisions are taken on the basis of individual needs and the current group level of need.

We have no blanket exclusions (except for those convicted of arson) but all potential residents should have self-awareness and be committed to exploring what it will take to reach future goals.

Please feel free to call the service if you would like an informal conversation about what we offer and the referral process.

The team are:

  • Jamie Hickling - Service Manager
  • Barbara Holder - Specialist Support Worker
  • Zoe Flewin - Specialist Support Worker

The referral form is available HERE and should be emailed to [email protected]


'Thank you for all your help, people like you are a Godsend!  You should be proud of what you do for us all.  There’s a lot of compassion in your team,  it’s not an easy job and not one I’d like to do!' - George

For more information please contact:

WLM Burgess Park House
56 Camberwell Road,
Tel: 020 7703 9613
Fax: 020 7703 6951
Service Manager: Jamie Hickling