Around 100 street homeless people visit us every day and this can include ten or more newly homeless people. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds but they all come to us in a state of crisis and needing help. We assess them all individually and work out the best way to assist - our aim is to get them off the streets and back into accommodation as quickly as possible. We usually help between 20 and 30 people into accommodation every month. WLM Seymour Place is at the heart of coordinating the  WLM Night Shelter.

Basic needs services

We provide immediate services to alleviate the hardships experienced by those sleeping rough, including hot breakfasts, showers, laundry, clothing store, haircuts, luggage storage and mail collection as well as access to health workers.

Advice and support

Our comprehensive advice and referral service assists with accommodation, jobs and benefits to address some of the clients underlying issues and assist them in moving off the streets and back into work. Other support services include the on-site Homeless Health Team (with a Nurse every day, a Doctor twice a week and a Podiatrist once a week) as well as mental health support services, an optician, and drugs and alcohol support.

Longer term developmental services

Our social and recreational services help to build clients confidence, assist with social integration and support them in moving away from a street-based lifestyle. These include the Seymour Art Collective, chess, computing, music and various courses.

Other information

  • If you see someone rough sleeping please contact StreetLink, 0300 500 0914, use the website or download the smart phone App.
  • If you are thinking of travelling to the UK, or know someone who is, then have a look at the information here. The Before You Go campaign's intention is to help prevent economic migrants ending up homeless on the streets of the UK.

For more information please contact:

WLM Seymour Place
134-136 Seymour Place
London W1H 1NT
Tel: 020 7569 5900
Manager: David Logan