What are our principles of care? 

At WLM The Haven we aim to help you lead a life that is both satisfying and fulfilling. We want to help meet your needs in a way that respects your individuality.

Privacy and dignity

We will ensure that we respect your privacy and dignity at all times, especially with regard to: 

• giving personal care, including bathing, washing. 
• consultation with health and social care professionals, 
• consultation with legal and financial advisors, 
• maintaining social contacts with relatives and friends, 
• entering bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms, 
• the way we deal with death and bereavement.

Independence and choice

We will help you to exercise choice and control over your life by: 
• Informing you and your relatives and friends how to contact an advocate, should you wish to do so. 
• Enabling you to bring personal possessions with you to help to make your room feel as 'homely' as possible. 
• Ensuring that you have access to your personal records.

Ensuring that you are offered choice in relation to:

• Leisure and social activities and cultural interests, 
• Food, meals and mealtimes, 
• Routines of daily living, 
• Personal and social relationships, 
• Religious observance.

What services are provided?

• personal care 
• all meals and drinks, including special diets catered for 
• laundry facilities 
• a number of outings throughout the year 
• entertainment
• residents are informed of the outcome of the meetings. 
• All bedrooms comply with minimal requirements regarding usable floor space as stated in the National Minimum Care Standards 
• Activities/leisure 
• Friendly environment  
• Support with alcohol consumption 
• Support with personal hygiene 
• Allocated keyworker 
• Assistance with budgeting 
• Individual care plans 
• Garden 
• Emotional support 
• Advice/informal counselling 
• Advocacy 
• Dispensing medication 
• Assistance with funeral arrangements

Accesses to the following services are available (an additional charge may be made):

• Hairdressing 
• Chiropody 
• Dentist 
• Optician 
• Doctor 
• Mental Health Team 
• Day centres 
• Leisure centre/activities/library 
• Spiritual needs 
• Detox/Rehab 
• Counselling 
• Re establishing contacts with friends and family 
• Social Services 
• Independent advocacy services 
• Developing interest and hobbies 
• Educational facilities

What services do we not presently provide:

• Nursing Care