The WLM Winter Night Shelter opened for its 9th year of operating on October 1st 2018

This season, we had 13 churches, a synagogue and a mosque partnering together and we will provide accommodation for rough sleepers for 8 months of the year - from October to May.

The Shelter is one of over 100 similar schemes across the country where different faith groups work together to help rough sleepers come in from the cold during the winter months. We were delighted that Al-Manaar mosque joined us in 2017 - you can read more here.

In 2018-2019, 69 homeless people used the service, with 48 guests moving into accommodation and 10 guests began paid employment. Our project workers at WLM Seymour Place are still working with the others.

‘For me, the night shelter is so important because I feel that finally someone cares about me, that someone knows about my existence. I feel safe’. Barbara

Since its beginning in 2010, West London Mission has been at the heart of the project. We would like to extend its thanks to the churches, synagogue and mosque who are the core partners of the WLM Night Shelter:

Farm Street Church

Hinde Street Methodist Church

St James, Piccadilly

St Mary of the Angels

Notre Dame De France

Westminster Cathedral

Emmanuel Church

Methodist Central Hall Westminster at St. Paul’s Rossmore Road

St Patrick’s Soho Square

West London Synagogue

All Souls Clubhouse

For ways in which you can help WLM’s work with homeless people, please see here

For more information about the Westminster Night Shelter, contact the Coordinator, Peter Mwaniki: [email protected]